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Geliştirici: eXsolut GmbH

TeamBroadcaster allows you to selectively distribute multimedial content to defined user groups or end devices such as large screens in your company.

Schedule schedules for your information campaigns, or set up point-based ads by weekday and time.

Complement your content with a Newsticker treadmill, which presents and updates text messages, RSS news entries or exchange information live.

The transmission of digital communication is visual and auditory.

Set up information columns or large screens with electronically controlled, changing content in various locations and social key positions within the company, where the visual information is captured in an eye-catching and goal-oriented manner.

TeamBroadcaster Clients for viewing messages are available in the form of Windows Application, HTML5-based WebClient and Apps for iOS.

TeamBroadcaster is installed on a required Windows server system for operation in your company.

The TeamBroadcaster app can be tested without a TeamBroadcaster server in a demo mode.